Bass DAlingo’s new release B.D.A.Lingo inspirational song for all up and coming entrepreneurs

The Dark Knight of NYC returns with another song

New York – March 26th, 2021 – Singer and songwriter Bass DAlingo is a man of multiple skills and interests. The entrepreneur/ hip hop artist raps about a range of topics centered around personal growth. In that vein, the artist is all set to release a new track, “B.D.A Lingo,” on March 25th. Based on self-improvement, the lyrical content of this composition is very feel-good and will inspire listeners. This stimulating new single is for all types of audiences and is a perfect track to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family.

Artist Bass DAlingo is not only a musician, but he is also a digital marketeer. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow by improving lead generation and other customer outreach opportunities. A devout Christian, the artist, is very spiritual – a facet of his life that influences the music he produces.

Bass DAlingo is an underground artist and has a versatility to his rap, due to which he has rightfully earned the title of a ‘hip-hop wordsmith.’ The distinguished artist’s standouts for several reasons. The artist composes his songs around his life goals, aspirations, and major events, making for an authentic listening experience. The down-to-earth and relatable content with catchy metaphors is indicative of the artist’s talent to keep his audience engaged. Bass DAlingo has also received praise from his audience due to his vivid storytelling talent and great lyrical delivery. The A+ lyricist is adept at spurring the listener’s imagination into action, making for a memorable musical experience.

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Bass DAlingo is a hip-hop artist from Harlem, NY, who makes conscious music and tells vivid stories through his verses and songs. The multi-talented artist is an impressive songwriter and an exceptional rapper. He is also a passionate digital creator who builds websites for small local businesses to help them grow and thrive.




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