Bdmrecs Presents “Artist” Northside Slim He Has Been Consistently Releasing Music. He Is Currently On A Promotion Tour Ranging From City Such As Atlanta, Arizona, Alabama & Indianapolis. His Hometown, He Has A Performance Coming Up In LA! For The BET Awards. Hosted By 2HotRadio. This Is An Artist To Watch. He Has A Growing Fanbase Ranging On All Social Media Platforms (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok) His New Release Drops This Coming Month, May 5th Titled “Hang On” Plus A Video Release. He Is Sure To Surprise The Culture With His Unbelievable Sound!

Los Angeles, California — Most Anticipated Artist “Northside Slim” He Is Currently In Takeover Mode. A Fan Favorite And Crowd Pleaser, From His Unique Sound & Stage Performance.

Northside Slim Is Highly Driven With His Unique Sound & Ear For Music. It Places Him In A Genre Of His Own. He Has A Growing Fanbase Which Is Seen On YouTube, Facebook, TikTok & Also LinkedIn. As A Business Owner & Entrepreneur. He Is Currently Making Waves With His Newly Established Label “BDM Records” His Work Ethic Is Unmatched.

“Money It Be Calling”

”Had To Go Get A Bag, I Ain’t Stalling”

” I Just Opened Up A New Account, Needed A Bigger Closet & A Bigger Couch”

BDM Recs Presents: Northside Slim

New Money, New Label

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Highly Recommend Artist “Northside Slim”

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Northside Slim
Name: Northside Slim
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 317-737-0307




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