Beats with DJ R-Sin

DJ R-Sin ReviewDJ R-Sin comes at you with a cascade of beats from Port Washington. “Take Ya Badge Off” is a beat you’d likely hear in a video game that resembled “Grand Theft Auto.” The tension is there, but it also sounds like something you’d want to have playing as you took an insane drive through the city. It’s a beat void of lyrics but somehow DJ R-Sin has made a story come to live without words. In “Panama Fever” we’re taken from the rough alleyways and straight into a Florida paradise. Well, more like a club in the heart of Miami. With “Trap” the energy levels are at an all time high and it can’t be touched.  It has the video game element of the first, but this one sounds like a lot more action would be unfolding behind the beat. With “Chilling,” one was expecting a more relaxed track and while it’s unlike “Trap” and not in your face, it’s not as chilled out as one would’ve imagined. Yes, it would take the slow lane, but at the same time has a sense of life to it. Lastly, “RB” sends us out sort of like where we started. There’s a tension in the air, but it’s all good. If you’re a fan of beat makers and are looking to connect with one, check out DJ R-Sin’s work now. (