Believe Over Hope Releases New Love Album

Christian Artist Believe Over Hope Releases New Love Album!

Accra, Ghana – Couple duos aren’t uncommon in the music industry. However, unlike the other couples in the industry, Richard and Sheena Lovia Boateng have a bigger agenda than just showcasing their love. They’re using their music to spread the word of Jesus.

Their new album ‘Hello Sheena’ combines their love for each other as well as their love for Jesus. Written and produced by Richard for his wife’s birthday, the album looks to bring out and evoke the power of love in a relationship. Songs such as “Hello Sheena”, “Happy Birthday” and “The Man That I Am” showcase Richard’s love and respect for his wife, Sheena.

Both Richard and Sheena may not have started out in the industry but have certainly come to make a name for themselves. They have created a unique sound and voice within the Christian, Pop, and R&B scene. In the three years that they have produced and released music, they have managed to blend Gospel, Rock, Jazz into music, proving that spreading the love of Jesus isn’t boring.

The album itself is all about love. The pop and R&B album fully captures the strength, beauty, and love that Richard has for his wife, Sheena. Songs like “Take Me To France” and “Waiting From Ireland” gives you a look into the couple’s relationship and their dreams and desires. You can also see the faith of the couple through songs like “Your Love is More” and “I Celebrate You.”

The blend of faith, love, and music is never more evident than in Believe Over Hope’s new album. The Ghana-based artists have brought together a medley of different composers, arrangers, and session artists from across the world to put together these fifteen tracks. The new album, ‘Hello Sheena,’ can now be streamed on all leading streaming platforms. To know more about Believe Over Hope, you can visit their website and check out their other music on Spotify and Apple Music!




Richard and Sheena Boateng are a couple based out of Ghana, producing music as a way to showcase their faith. Working as lecturers at the University of Ghana Business School, the couple started Believe Over Hope in 2017 as a way to share their love for God. All their songs are inspired by real-life events and aim to encourage the listener’s faith in God. The couple has released four albums and four singles prior to ‘Hello Sheena’ since their start in 2017.


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