Benjamin Hey! Pops the Big Apple

Benjamin Hey ReviewOut in New York you’ll find many aspiring artists and among them is pop artist Benjamin Hey! “Are You Out? (A.Y..O)” starts off fresh and you allow yourself to quickly be taken over by his sweet delivery. It’s a great chilled pop song. Then with “F…Me I’m Famous” is about how a girl should be with you because you’re famous. It’s not a sentiment I think we’ve heard in music before but the beat is fun. Every other month it seems like a superhero movie is in theaters so why not in music? That’s why Benjamin Hey! likely made this one called, well none other than “Superhero.” After fighting musical crimes we land on “Help Myself” for a huge pick me up because this pace is undeniable. If you fail to move during this one, you might need to be checked out because it’s such a great shake your booty in a good old fashioned way song. If you like your pop intertwined with the soul of R&B and the fun of electronic, check out Benjamin Hey! now. (