Ride the Ivory Waves with Nathan Speir

Nathan Speir ReviewNathan Speir is a pianist composer who captures both the light and dark of the world in ivory and delivers it to the world. “A Little Sanctuary” has this serenity to it. When you roll into “After the Moon” you get a feeling of sadness, or at least I did. Images of someone alone on a bench as rain fell instantly came to mind. What was great about “Back Porch” is that it was made universal by the chimes. There are way more people’s porches who have them than not. “Legend of the Pelican” was odd when it began just because you don’t know what to expect because of the title, but with that said it does make you envision a beach setting on a cloudy day. Speaking of cloudy, we’re going to close this out with “Sunny & Partly Cloudy.” This one’s a little more modern and has a great pace to it. If you’re into the ways of the piano, check out the mood creator Nathan Speir. (https://www.nathanspeir.com/)