Unearthing Gems of Pop through Rich and Relatable Music: Rising Artist Ian Hug Releases New Single

With the release of his stirring new release titled, “Slower Wings”, eclectic singer-songwriter Ian Hug is showcasing his range of talents with the world.

Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, South Korea– 14th November 2021 – Set to charm listeners with his skilled ability to write authentic and moving lyrics and composing, mixing, and mastering original songs, Ian Hug is sending ripples in the genre of Pop music.

The dynamic artist magnetizes listeners with his exciting musical vision in his original single, “Slower Wings”, which he released for listeners on March 21st, 2021. Released under the imprint of Urban Entertainment, Ian Hug’s musical compositions focus on the emotional and sentimental roots of Pop music. Enlivening masses with his rich, unique, and emotion-fueled song writing, Ian Hug remains inspired to create compositions which the public loves, actively seeks, and enjoys.

With his meaningful lyricism and musical ethos, Ian Hug hopes listeners will be able to relieve stress, express their heartfelt feelings, and lose themselves in the power of his music. Be it reveling in joy or mulling in sadness, the talented artist provides listeners with an escapism from reality.

Ian Hug’s music focuses on the purity of human emotions. Crafting his distinct position within the musical world, Ian Hug is driven to excel as a musician who performs art. Believing in the mantra that artists should strive to be pure and honest with their listeners, the promising artist hopes to use his musical prowess to comfort people’s hearts and fill them with the kind of emotions they need.

His song ‘Slower Wings’ is an enriching single that captures listener’s consolation and empathy by symbolizing us flapping our wings as us facing the world. ‘Slower Wings’ forms just the first chapter in a series of singles that Ian Hug has planned for listeners.

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Ian Hug is a rising singer-songwriter who is set to take the Pop world by storm. Always moved by the thriving force of good, meaningful musical compositions, Ian Hug wishes to make a real-world impact with his music. The rising artist does not wish to express his music to the public carelessly and aims to present good music to the public by countlessly checking the details and emotional lines as well as minor sound parts.

As a musician who performs art for the kind of music that can comfort, and share inspirations with anyone who listens to his music, Ian Hug is paving the way towards success, with his distinct musical character. His single “Slower Wings” channels his emotive, soul-stirring, and characteristic musical style- a release that has already amassed staggering listens and views.


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