Jazzy bb Presents New Single, “Chrome”

A portrait of near perfection, Jazzy bb’s newest drop- “Chrome” cements her position as a singer-songwriter who has found her niche

Bronx, New York —October 20th, 2023 – Gearing towards the next leg of her musical journey with relatable and impressive musical compositions, Jazzy bb’s brilliant new single has an equally impressive story to it. With a refreshing soundscape, bb’s new drop depicts the beautiful life that the artist has woven, straddling several different states- from Orlando to New York and Cleveland.

With the release of her newest drop, “Chrome” Jazzy bb builds onto a discography that has already been noted for its authentic ethos. Curating unique perspectives on life, love, and the countless struggles that are dotted on life’s road, the artist’s latest single delivers an example of her unique voice in the hip-hop world.

Jazzy bb’s music is not just a listening experience. Rather, the magical single presents an invitation to delve into the depths of the artist’s world. Listeners of her music are able to identity its relatability, which stems from the artist’s own life experiences and challenges.

A kaleidoscope of emotions, Jazzy bb’s music displays the intricate and well-balanced nexus of contemporary music and nostalgic rhythms. With a sound that marries classic hip-hop vibes with contemporary elements, Jazzy bb’s music showcases her versatility. Her latest single serves as a brilliant segue to her artistry, offering a taste of what she has in store for her growing fan base.

Jazzy bb’s existing discography includes the hit single, “Como Una Gitana” which amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. Her other tracks, “Hit em up” and “Playa” have also been well-received with audiences who have appreciated her ability to strike all kinds of emotions using a distinct style.

In the same vein, Jazzy bb’s new single allows audiences to immerse into her world and understand the ways she pushes audiences to relate, feel, and identify with something larger than life.

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Hailing from the bustling borough of the Bronx and finding her musical footing in the vibrant city of Orlando, Jazzy bb brings a unique blend of influences to her music.

The artist’s passionate musical compositions offer audiences more than just a listening experience- rather, an opportunity to utilize music as a medium of self-reflection and discovery. Jazzy bb’s music touches upon notions that resonate universally – love, struggle, and life’s rollercoaster. Jazzy bb’s journey in music is itself a stirring output of pure talent, unbridled expression and boundless creative freedom.


Jazzy bb
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4077962322


Instagram: https://instagram.com/realjazzybb?igshid=NGVhN2U2NjQ0Yg==
YouTube: https://youtu.be/mOdodZwObfI?si=KFPJJX1Ts8AzRA49
Spotify: https://spotify.link/78UfZwA6FDb
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