Betheasway Records Sings the Gospel


Betheasway Records keeps it in the family as it’s owned and operated by one. It houses some of the best gospel has to offer and is ready for you to discover. “My Soul” is a slow paced song that is perfectly named because it’s from the soul. The vocals sound like they are coming straight from the depths of the singer’s existence. “He Rolled My Burdens Away” is on a different page than the last. This one is more upbeat and fun. It’s definitely pegged for a good, clean time. The label as a whole has a lot to offer, and really stay true to their tagline “where the ministry is in the music.” From the touching femininity and power of “My Soul” to the revival feel of “He Rolled My Burdens Away,” this label covers all the bases with their brand of Gospel music. If you love to hear the lord in the music you listen to, check out Betheasway Records. (