Terry Kenny Idowu’s Wicked World

Didentical-reviewTerry Kenny Idowu aka Didentical gives you an island feel with “Wicked World.” It’s a nice track to play at a themed party; the mood would living things up. The words aren’t there, but the good times are. He does something different with the same song. How? Does he remix it? Nope, he just adds the lyrics and makes it even better. So it really depends on what kind of mood you’re in when you take on “Wicked World.” Do you want to get lost in the music or sing along? Those are the questions you have to ask yourself. Once you’ve answered and if you’re into reggae, check out Terry Kenny Idowu aka Didentical. (https://soundcloud.com/terry-kenny-idowu)

One thought on “Terry Kenny Idowu’s Wicked World

  • Buzman da rapaholic.

    Watchout!! this dudes right here r taking over.

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