Beyond Chaotic Releasing New Single ‘Over Your Head’ June 30th.

Tampa, Florida — The sibling rock band from Tampa, Florida is releasing their newest single June 30th, 2023.  Beyond Chaotic’s newest track, ‘Over Your Head’ is a new stylistic approach for the group.

The bands summer release while different and dynamic,  still packs that ‘Beyond Chaotic’ sound.  For those who are fans of rock and pop punk,  you’ll surely want to give ‘Over Your Head’ a spin.  The track will release on practically every streaming service you can think of, ie. Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Music, Pandora, etc. so whatever your preferred method of listening, Beyond Chaotic has got you covered.

When asked about the single, bassist Alex had this to say, “This is probably my favorite song we have released to date. It has elements of our old music with a whole new upbeat vibe that in my opinion, really feels like us.  Max hit the mark with the lyrics, and everything just fits together so well. It’s one of those songs I’ll have on repeat and never get sick of it. I cannot wait for everyone to hear it!”

‘Over Your Head’ is a new upbeat sound for this teen rock band and a fun way to kick off the summer.  Friday, June 30th marks this bands second 2023 release and its one you wont want to miss!

If you wanna pre-save the song for yourself, you can do so on Spotify here:




Beyond Chaotic is a sibling rock band from Tampa, Florida comprised of Max and Alex Karafilis.  They released they’re debut album in 2019 and have since released three singles.  The group toured all up and down the eastern US during 2022 and they’ve been pumping out new music in 2023.


Beyond Chaotic
Name: Beyond Chaotic




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