Big Money Breezy Drops ‘Diamond Mynd’ EP

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Austin, Texas – August 14, 2019 – Life was never easy for Big Money Breezy, but he took the adversity and rode that struggle bus to where he is today. Now he’s making music and moves with his latest release, Diamond Mynd.

Years back in 2015 Big Money Breezy dropped Gold Mynd. He was proud of the record and fans enjoyed what he was putting out but in the time that’s passed, Big Money Breezy admits that what he’s doing is better now, “worth more than gold.” He’s elevated not only himself but his sound and is shining bright like a Diamond Mynd. A five-track EP that will leave fans of original hip hop wanting more. Which fans won’t have to wait long for as plans for an EP and an LP are already in the works. For now, though, fans will be more than satisfied with Diamond Mynd.

When it comes to his music, Big Money Breezy has nothing to hide and puts it all out on the table. From his highs to his lows, it’s all there. Born Breon Deshay Carter in the middle of a Texas summer, Big Money Breezy didn’t always have it made. He came up in what some would call “the bad side of town” getting into trouble, focusing little on school until one day when his mother sent him to live with his father in North Carolina. Along with him, she sent $300 for school supplies. Those were never bought. In their place, a then-teenage Big Money Breezy purchased his first recording software and started focusing more on his music than anything else.

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Big Money Breezy drops his 2019 EP, Diamond Mynd.

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