G.B. Lamb Presents His Debut Album ‘Beyond Repair’

New Americana-Folk Album Out Now


Valley Glen, CA – August 14, 2019 – Driven by lyrics, G.B. Lamb is an original singer-songwriter from California who may’ve dropped his debut album, Beyond Repair, later in life but he’s ready to make every second of it count from here on out.

Beyond Repair features 10 jam-packed songs that showcase what a telling lyricist and storyteller G.B. Lamb is. From “Gentleman Jack” kicking it off to “Last Safe Place (I Called Home)” keeping things going in the middle to “(Just Enough) Perfect Moments” acting as the anchor, every track does its part to keep the momentum going. As does his way with words. G.B. Lamb pulled from all facets of his life to construct this album. Whether it was his childhood in Illinois or finding solace in the bottle after a heartbreak. His honesty is what grounds the album and is what fans of everyone from James Taylor to Garth Brooks will appreciate and enjoy.

G.B. Lamb spent the first part of his life on a different kind of stage. He did national tours as an actor and singer in both Evita and The King and I. While he loved that part of his life, he always knew in the back of his mind and in the front of his heart that being a singer-songwriter was his purpose.

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A city boy with a country heart, G.B. Lamb learned to play guitar after begging his older sister. Two chords in, he started penning songs at the age of 13. Now, after years of singing other people’s songs onstage in the theater, G.B. Lamb is proud to present his debut as a singer-songwriter with Beyond Repair.

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