Big Troub A Reflection of Resilience and Redemption- Hip Hop, Soul and R&B Prodigy Reveals an Intriguing Side of Hip Hop

Big Troub Rap’s young and versatile new voice, Big Troub paints a moving picture of endurance and perseverance with his new musical compositions

Ypsilanti, Mi — November 10th, 2022 – Having led a life that was dotted with hardships and trials, Hip Hop artist Big Troub is reaching for new avenues of success. The skilled Rapper-songwriter brings to the forefront an unfiltered and honest viewpoint on the enticing nature of street life, inspired by his own life experiences.

An emergent talent, Big Troub’s tracks which include: “That Bag,” “One on It,” and “Changed On Me,” among others, encapsulate an authentic storytelling style and gripping Hiphop and R&B tunes. With some of his tracks exceeding 30K views on Spotify alone, the proficient artist hopes to divulge the true realities of life with his music, absorbing audiences within his alluring narratives.

Using his platform in a fascinating manner, the promising artist echoes the honest experiences and struggles that African Americans face every day. By accentuating the lived reality of each individual who is entrapped in law and justice traps, the artist hopes to dedicate his efforts to exploring his musical inclinations and move closer towards his goals.

Big Troub tracks underline a wide-ranging blend of themes, with singles such as “Up Dawgshit” narrating the aches and pains of heartbreak and loss, and the track “One Day” which focuses on overcoming life’s countless hindrances. Similarly, the single “Never Stop” highlights the tragic passing of the rapper’s close cousin (Monte Carlo Warren), which truly sculpted his life’s trajectory going forward.

Renowned for his electrifying stage performances, including gigs at the Polo and Blue Show,Akita Vated show , as well as the recent Love and Hip-Hop Concert, Big Troub is introducing a whole new level of sensational Hip Hop brilliance with his music.

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Big Troub is a prolific and passionate rapper is born and raised in Ypsilanti Michigan. The talented artist began his music career in 2021 and was able to launch his own record label to augment his music career and that of other up-and-coming artists searching for their voice.

Big Troub’s inspiration for making music came after a deep conversation with a close cousin of his who motivated him to introspect and follow his own brand of art. His goal with music remains building his own label ‘Married To The Game Entertainment’ from the ground up. The artist believes in giving contemporary artists opportunities for distribution, producing movies and music videos, and discovering and signing with some of the hottest artists to ever grace the stage. Big Troub aims to sculpt a solid fan base and grow his platform tenfold to become the biggest rapper in the world.


Big Troub
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