Bill Geoghegan’s Song Sends Love to Frontline Works

Single Sends Light During A Dark Time

Bethel, CT – August 4, 2020 – Singer/Songwriter Bill Geoghegan labored to create a song with his wife that would bring inspiration. “All One Together” is sending love and hope to all the frontline workers during the pandemic.

“All One Together” was inspired by COVID-19 and is dedicated to all the Healthcare and frontline workers who risk their lives daily to help everyone in the US. The tune is timely, positive, uplifting, and healing. It took Bill two months to complete since it all had to be done virtually, and the ending chorus included singer/songwriter family/friends from both Ireland and the U.S. The song will enter the hearts of all those healthcare and frontline workers listening to the tune.

Bill Geoghegan made being a musician his full-time career four years ago. The first song he wrote was called “Little Worlds.” Bill plays with two bands around the state or he goes solo. Bill loves writing and performing his music, and hopes to inspire others with his songs.

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“All One Together”:

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