Blending An Array of Passionate Undertones With Funky Pop Music – Up and Coming Talent Marina Leal Delivers a Spell-Bind

“Va Pa’ Largo” is an authentic expression of Marina Leal’s love for music, elevated only by the soulful lyricism provided by Diego Campo

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico — Marina Leal and Diego Campo shine in their latest collaboration together, titled “Va Pa’ Largo”. Produced and mastered by Agustin Arroyo, and written by Diego Campo, this song is a celebration of pop music. Marina Leal intended for listeners to feel happy while listening to her music, and she has achieved that goal in its authentic glory.

What makes Marina Leal a force to be reckoned with in the sphere of  pop music is the fact that she is unapologetically herself. Whether it is in the way she writes songs or the way she sings them – Marina Leal is unafraid to show her truest colours and doesn’t hold back in expressing herself the way she wants to. At the young and promising age of 17, she has delivered what is undoubtedly an instant hit party song that her listeners can groove to for hours on end. Her approach towards pop-urban music has proven to be an innovative one, that has certainly paid off in the sheer volume of streams she is getting on her latest single.

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Marina Leal is an up and coming talent who is sure to take the pop industry by storm with her charisma and catchy, rhythmic beats. Having a keen interest in music from the young age of 5, Marina was always taking singing lessons and participating in school contests and live presentations in the community. She officially became an artist at the age of 16, finalising music as her career. As a teenager and a rising talent, her music is heavily influenced by titans of the pop music industry such as Ariana Grande, Adele, Becky G, and Yuridia among others. Marina is rapidly rising to fame because of her unique and versatile style. In addition to pursuing music as a career, Marina is also a skilled gymnast and horsewoman, from where she learns the importance of strength, tenacity, dedication, discipline, and motivation. As a budding artist, Marina tries to channel all these values in her music, which results in the magical symphonies her fans have grown accustomed to.



Marina Leal
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