Blending Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, and Pop music with great finesse: This is Valley Style Hustlas

Creating compelling tunes and catchy beats with excellence, the Hip Hop band Valley Style Hustlas is proving to be a breath of fresh air in the music world, especially in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap

Stockton, California – June 28th, 2021 – Valley Style Hustlas is an emerging group who has great expertise in the genres of Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock. The group released its brand new single titled “Head Again” on June 4th, 2021. With the release of the song, Valley Style Hustlas is hoping to showcase their incredible musical skills in order to win the love of music enthusiasts around the world.

Consisting of extremely talented individuals, the seven piece group worked on the single all by itself. Rich with catchy tunes and groovy beats, the single is bound to make the listeners feel energized and refreshed. It’s composed in a way that it would uplift the environment and turn around the overall moods into happy and lively ones. The four members of the group who are a part of the single include Don Dada, Emil, Mahogany, and Sonni Hand$ome. All the members are soulful music lovers, producing tunes which are heavily dominated by themes of R&B and Pop. A significant amount of focus is on Rap too, with songs rich in sick beats and hard-hitting rap verses. The quality of the music produced by Valley Style Hustlas is always top notch – they never disappoint.

The up-and-coming group is extremely unique and creative when it comes to creating something never heard before. Keeping their main focus on Hip Hop and R&B, the group plays around with various other genres in order to come up with something unique. They possess the incredible skill of mixing and blending modern day Hip Hop with Rock music and R&B Soul music, and they do it with finesse. This ability is the reason why they manage to stand out amongst their peers, as their artistic individuality is not something to be joked about. The style of music is refreshing and uplifting, something that is bound to light up the rooms it gets played in. Valley Style Hustlas discovered this style by experimenting and exploring a bunch of music styles, until they found their own direction and stuck with it.

The budding group wishes to continue its journey, sticking to its purpose by making music the members are passionate about. They look forward to tour the world, meeting devoted fans and inspiring other along their journey to success.

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Valley Style Hustlas is a seven piece group based in Stockton, California. The members of the group are Don Dada, Sonni Hand$ome, Emil, Mahogany, Maineac, LiL Dogg, and Chuck Chill. Don Dada is the CEO and owner of his record label called Newbreed of Badseeds Entertainment. The group Valley Style Hustlas is from the 209 area, representing Stockton and Modesto, California.

Apart from the brand new single “Head Again” released in June this year, the group also has an album titled ‘RESPECT IT’. Along with making music, the group and their record label also make merchandise products for their devoted fans around the world.



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