Blending Various Genres of Music with Finesse: Introducing to the World NGR.IAM

With quite a few songs released over the years and a whole lot under the works getting ready to be released later, emerging artist NGR.IAM is all set to make a name for himself in the musical world

Camden, New Jersey – December 13th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist NGR.IAM is a massive force to be dealt with in the world of music. Being in the music industry for quite some time now and having significant musical experience in hand, the talented artist is considered well-equipped when it comes to making original music. NGR.IAM is all set to release his brand new single titled “Good Vybz” at the end of this year.

The single will be released in the month of December, 2021. The release date set by the singer for the song is December 11th for now. With the release of the song, NGR.IAM is looking forward to getting his unique and original sound out there and attract music lovers from all around the world. One of his goals is to grab the attention of a larger audience with music that is  diversified. While blending a whole lot of genres and styles into his music, the singer maintains an upbeat and energetic sound. That’s what makes his music so unique as it manages to elevate the vibe of any room it gets played in, turning around the moods of the listeners into joyous ones and making them dance along to the beats of the songs. The upcoming single “Good Vybz” is also said to be a song that lends itself to be a feel good type of vibe. It is a song that can be played for various occasions as it caters to a wider audience.

Apart from “Good Vybz”, the driven artist also has a bunch of other music released over the course of a couple of years. Being a songwriter and singer, NGR.IAM works on all his music by himself. From penning down meaningful lyrics to getting down to the studio and recording hard-hitting vocals in the booth, the talented artist has got it all. He has proved that he is an outstanding artist time and again through the music he has released so far – all of which is currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world.



NGR.IAM has been passionate about music since he was a child. “My goal is to produce relatable music for all. Throughout my life, I have had love for all types of music. All genres. My desire is to become a world renowned artist and continue to create positive music” – he says.

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