Bloom Baby Classes Presents A World of Musical Harmonies For The Little Ones

A Set of Symphonies Appreciable by All!

Manchester, Cheshire, United Kingdom — January 7th, 2022 – Music is said to be the universal language capable of being understood by all regardless of their age or background. Victoria Jennings realized that this applied even to the littlest of babies and founded Bloom Baby Classes. By focusing on musical structures that aid the early linguistic capabilities of children. Bloom Baby Classes produce harmonies that help children not only learn but also enjoy.

Each track crafted by Bloom Baby Classes is designed to aid in their highly specialized class activities. Some songs assist in early language development by featuring simple lyrics with few syllables so that children can very easily memorize them and therefore build their vocabulary. Other songs are meant to be moved to so that the babies can refine their fine motor skills. While designing Bloom Baby Classes, Jennings realized that there were not many options for the music she needed. Thus, she set out to produce her own set of tunes with a set of criteria in mind.

First and foremost, the music had to serve the development of the babies. Secondly, the music had to be catchy and universally appreciable meaning that parents and their children could enjoy the classes equally. As a mother of three children herself, Jennings understood just how important the aforementioned factors were. To these ends, Jennings approached Chris Hughes and Helen McCormack who eagerly took on the demanding task of writing, recording, and engineering the music.

The results were astonishing. On one instance, the song “Rainbow Parachute” brought joyful tears to the eyes of parents watching their children mesmerized by the in-class activities. Helen’s beautifully delicate voice truly captures the joy of having a child and going through the emotional catharsis of motherhood. Not only did Bloom Baby Classes go on to win a multitude of awards but the set of music used in the classes has been streamed over one million times.

Bloom Baby Classes released their first album titled “Cooper the Caterpillar” in 2019. Since then, they have continued to add songs to their highly demanded discography that now features over 40 unique songs that are played across the United Kingdom and North America.

If you have a young one with even the slightest palate for music, introduce them to the wonderful universe of symphonies by Bloom Baby Classes and help them learn while simultaneously having fun!

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Bloom Baby Classes was founded in 2017 by Early Years Expert, Victoria Jennings who identified a gap in the market for inclusive and welcoming baby classes that utilized music for the development of infants. After having her first child, Jennings was perplexed as a parent and realized that many other parents around the world were in similar situations. Thus, she started the classes and began to utilize music in her highly specialized classes to ensure that other parents were not placed in situations like she was.


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