Bob Holz Teams up with Frank Stepanek and Mike Shoefter

Bob Holz Teams up with Frank Stepanek and Mike ShoefterThe latest brain child of legendary percussionist Bob Holz is finally ready to be released upon the ears of the world, featuring a dynamic collaboration with some of the most talented names in the business. Joining forces with Grammy-nominated artist Frank Stepanek and renowned New York bassist Mike Shoefter, the trio created a fiery set of tracks for The Bob Holz Band’s debut LP Higher than the Clouds.

Co-written by Holz and Stepanek, Higher than the Clouds descended upon the scene on March 1, 2012, featuring 10 hair-raising, energetic tracks which deliver an addictive platter of musical flavors to the listener. Experiencing moments of rock, blues and funk with a dash of psychedelic influence, the album sees a bonafide trio of musical greats at their best.!/BobHolz