AutranThe track “Void N Droids” will certainly get listeners revved up in any nightclub or in any other situation. Fans of techno, EBM and general electronica will certainly come to enjoy Autran. Autran offers something more than simple electro and futuristic sounds. The artist tries to blend diverse elements in the music. It is almost as if the musical tracks are telling a story in a way. In each of the songs, the tones are not monotonous, and dancers will have to switch up their dance movies based on the changing pace in the songs.
The artist’s creativity shines, offering unheard beats and rhythms that will keep listeners engaged and hopeful for more. Not many understand this style of music, but for those who get will certainly not be disappointed with Autran. The songs almost have a sci-fi element, and I can picture this type of music being played in the far off future. For more information on Autran and the music, visit: