Jim Martin

Jim MartinSurfy, twangy, instrumental blues music with a tight groove and seasoned licks. In one visit to
www.beamchatter.com listeners have access to the entire Jim Martin catalog. Readily available on the front page are songs from 4 albums, proving that Martin is not running low on inspiration or riffs anytime soon. The songs are instrumental tracks, showcasing a bluesy, twangy lead guitar, often programmed electronic drums and MIDI sounding piano/keyboards.

Most of the songs are appropriately titled “Blues something-or-other”, with slight hints at the programmatic subject matter. “Blues for Dalia”sounds more upbeat and yearning than “Deep Eddy Blues”, though at some point the shuffle feels and charleston-esque rhythms all blur into one giant twang-jam.

Martin is certainly a refined musician though, it seems he is also CEO of Beamchatter Records, the label that releases all of his material on Itunes, Amazon and other online stores.

The drum sounds and fills can grow a bit stale, and the melody’s aren’t too groundbreaking to go without a singer for long. I can imagine a live experience of Martins music would be much more moving than the studio versions, which appeal mostly to guitar and blues nerds, and underground music fanatics.

Overall, Jim Martin has found his blues niche, and comes through as an artist with lots of passion, skill, and a consistent sound.