Herman Hatchett

Herman HatchettHe seems to stumble a bit over his chord changes, and the tempo fluctuates throughout the song, but that’s when he is accompanying himself. Herman Hatchett otherwise comes through with a crisp, in tune voice that resonates and speaks to the soul. “She Holds My Hand” features a guitarist keeping syncopated rhythm while Herman croons heartfelt lyrics about a friends mother. You know this guy is in for the long haul when he busts a little harmonica flourish in the bridge before returning to singing.

The Youtube channel for Herman Hatchett features an eclectic mix of songs, some accapella renditions of pop classics, some self-accompanied acoustic songs and some collaborations. The strongest material is his own, performed with guitarist “Franklin” in a live, back-porch setting. Herman’s vocal chops and conviction keep you interested and satisfied. The acoustic duo is very strong, supplying tight guitar riffs and a dynamic authentic energy. Herman’s music generally gives you a blues-pop-folk mix of styles with a modern spin.

He also does an accapella version of Living of Love by the Averett Brothers. He has the balls and conviction to do it, though without any accompaniment the listeners are subject to a few pitchy notes slipping by. This artist is not going to win American Idol anytime soon, but for all the right reasons – he’s got real-life soul, backyard and living-groom passion, and he refuses to sit inside of any definable box. When Herman Hatchett and friends come through with a studio produced track it’s going to be on par or better than most pop music out right now