Miss Stomber

Miss StomberSomething like Ke$ha meets Taylor Swift, with possibly more vocal talent than both. The music for “Scared of Me” is dance-pop, uplifting and “happy” sounding but not corny. There is also a hint of some male artists like Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne in the rapping lines. The harmonies are lush and the electronic beat is simple but actively produced. Auto-Tune is present a bit, but more for effect, and I get the impression that Stomber could hold a tune regardless.

“Cali (Sunnyside Up)” is essentially an underground version of Katy Perry’s “California Girls”, but honestly it’s a bit more refreshing. Venice Beach references, lists of freeways, San Francisco shout-outs and the overall smooth vocal execution make this track an easy listen. There’s actually a video to compliment the song, available at www.reverbnation.com/misistomber, where you can see first hand this new-school, young-adult friendly artist.

The production and recording are top-notch, ready to be blasting on any pop station right alongside Stomber’s peers. It is typical bass-drum thudding dance party music, but the clear vocals and frequent harmonies add musical flare. The syncopated synths, bass lines, active hi-hats and crescendo-ing effects put this music on par with the biggest female artists out right now. Misi Stomber is young, talented, and definitely on the rise, with some serious vocal talent and lyrical ability.