Kristian Mikal

Kristian MikalWow – an accapella track showcasing Kristian Mikal’s vocals is the first thing you hear on his website. He has a refined, confident tenor range that he stretches and emotes effortlessly with. He’s the kind of singer (probably a choir star) with vocal chops, an ear for harmony and the skills to compose. “Enjoy This” is the title of his unaccompanied, humorous greeting song, complete with bursts of vocal layering that show Mikal’s outstanding strength as an arranger.

“Peaceful World” chimes in with acoustic guitar, piano, and beautifully recorded bass. The chord changes are more sophisticated than most pop acts, and the vocals bring to mind a touch of the artist Seal. The drums kick in after a bit, keeping the tempo locked in to a slow, peaceful groove. The lyrics are predictably a plea for a peaceful world, but the delicate vocal execution and harmonies bring the song to life.

“Bye” comes in with a strong piano intro, before breaking into a slight “reggae-blues” groove for the verses. The organ and horns really add a “world” feel to this music and it is great break from typical pop song arrangements. The clean guitar and solid bass throughout also give this track a head-bobbing vibe that is absent from his other tracks. The track ends on an unexpected (from Mikal) low note, displaying his artistic side and versatility.

Kristian Mikal comes across as an educated, capable and passionate musician with a huge future in front of him. Vocally superb, with the ears for harmony and production, this guy is going to be huge with his own material or as a superstar producer.