Gabriel Olteanu

Gabriel Olteanu is a diverse musician capable of wearing many hats. He composes in many styles, sings, shreds, and programs strings. He also does movie music and electronic music, but his musicianship shines regardless of genre classification.

“Sunset Love”, admittedly in the 80’s metal style, comes through with authentic cruch, pinch harmonics and superb riffs. This style may sound a bit dated, but the musicianship always engraved in the style is timeless. The big drums sync up well with the bass and guitars, and the vocals get the job done well enough to pass this track off as a classic from the era.

“Celtic Vibe” is an instrumental track, seemingly intended for use as background music, but it is engaging enough without any vocals or imagery. Olteanu seems to be from the new class of musicians – educated, talented and trying to hustle across the board in many genres. His Soundcloud page features everything from hard rock jams to instrumental music, and almost everything is available for licensing and use to interested parties.

“Night Times”, a quick electronic beat showcases more diversity from the artist, though it does leave you guessing as to where his primary passion lies.

Overall, Gabriel Olteanu seems to be intent on establishing himself and his catalog of music, and he is certainly set on capturing fans of many genres.