Spiritual Awakening through Soul and Hip-Hop Fusions: King David Unveils New Album

Imbuing musical compositions with a sense of peace, budding rapper King David is changing the rules of the game with Hip Hop fusions that encompass both melodious vocals and sensory songwriting, as he puts out his new album ‘5 Fold.’

Kihei, Hawaii  – March 2nd, 2021 –  An up-and-coming rap artist and songwriter King David is going against all odds, as he cultivates soulful compositions that traverse genres of contemporary Hip Hop and Gospel music.

Using his seasoned skills in crafting memorable musical compositions, King David intends to let his creativity flow, and use his glistening talents in music for the greater good.

With the release of his new album ‘5 Fold’, the rising musician is all set to inspire listeners of Rap music, interspersing Hip-Hop with Christian undertones and messages.

Empowered by the strong yet smooth vocals pitched against the mellow tunes of background instrumentals, King David produces a captivating record. ‘5 Fold’ features the splendid vocal process of King David featured by growing icons such as Kourtney K, David E and Elijah E.

Instilling a sense of introspection through the power of music, King David’s new album features tracks including “Tell You Sum” and “Take Control”that highlight some of the most crucial and undeniable truths of life. While shedding light on the importance of growth, the album and its singles exude a sense of optimism for life and the world that we live in.

Energized by King David’s touching songwriting and vocals, the new single has been produced by Maui’s iconic producer and artist, Vince Esquire.

Having released on 2nd March 2021, the enriching new album ‘5 fold’ is set to become a raw and authentic music record that has already received a great reception from fans of King David’s music.

“It is healing to the mind body and soul. The ultimate goal is to have Jesus’ message heard around the world and be blessed” says King David, regarding the release of his new musical composition.

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David Escobar, known better by his artistic name King David, is an up-and-coming rapper and songwriter, who meticulously blends the genres of Rap, Hip Hop and Christian-themed Soul music.

The rising artist has been making music since the 90’s, while serving the cause of Jesus Christ now living in Maui,Hawaii. A regular at his church, King David is also a loving husband and father of four.

Throughout his life’s journey, the growing rapper faced numerous trials and troubles, being embroiled in gangs at the age of 13. However, staying steadfast through the power of the Lord and using music as a channel to lead people to salvation and mercy, King David persevered.




Name: David Escobar
Phone Number: (808)-868-8577
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