Bob Koch Reflects On The Present While Drawing Inspiration From The Past

Bob Koch Explores Love, Loss, and Politics through His Music

Seal Beach, CA – Music is meant to capture something which is larger than life, a feeling which is both complex and necessary but cannot be adequately put into words. Bob Koch, a rising independent artist from Southern California, harnesses the power of music to do just that – express the inexpressible.

According to Bob Koch, music never ages and its meaning evolves over time. Once it has been produced by the artist, its reality transcends that of the musician’s and it takes many different shapes and forms for its listeners. However, all listeners are connected with a universal experience, all exploring their own truth.

Bob Koch’s recent acoustic release “Politics and Religion” deals with one such harsh truths of reality. With an underlying theme of polarization and divide, Bob Koch explores how people can learn to get together and unite in face of fierce conflicts. His other songs “Where the Rivers Run Dry” and “You Got To Be Heard” also have undertones of politics but also retain their commercial appeal. This ability to interweave bigger ideas within songs that also fulfill the popular demand speaks volumes about Bob Koch’s mastery. His two songs “Meet Me Downtown” and “That’s How I Know You Love Me” are both light-hearted and refreshing. It is also interesting to note that his music is not just limited to audio presentation. In fact, “Politics and Religion” and “You Got To Be Heard” also have their own music videos released by the musician himself.

For this rising musical artist, the turning point in life was going through the ordeal of divorce. In the aftermath of his divorce, Bob Koch took to the paper and sought to make sense of his feelings through words and music. Ever since then, he has found a home in music and despite being in the consultancy professional, his true passion remains music.

Bob Koch’s story about discovering music as his passion is less about him seeking to be a musician and more about the musician life seeking him out. He started out as a person writing songs just for himself. But fate and help from a couple of friends encouraged him to actively hone his talent as a songwriting. Beginning only with “three chords and the truth”, Bob Koch almost magically found himself at the threshold of professional music and he has not looked back ever since.

Bob Koch released his debut album in June 2019. This debut album consisted of 10 original tracks and one cover of a Bob Dylan song. Bob Koch’s natural ability as a songwriter has been nurtured and encouraged by many talented musicians. His producer, Jonathan J. Clark, has worked with established musician like the Eagles, Christopher Cross, and Dwight Yoakam. Richard Mangicaro also took notice of Bob Koch’s lyrical expertise and decided to collaborate with him. Over the course of two years, they have produced more than 20 songs together.



Bob Koch is a rising independent singer/songwriter from Southern California. He has been writing songs for more than a decade.


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