Bob Lucido Channels the Piano Man

Bob Lucido Channels the Piano ManBob Lucido is a New Yorker who has had a firm grasp on the Big Apple since he came into this world in 1946. “Everybody Needs Some Love” has a Billy Joel feel to it. It’s got that older aura but has a spark of youth in it that you can hear throughout in the positive energy. That one has a light pace but “Message Here Tonight” is one that you listen to for a nice evening at home. It’s the ballad of sorts. Lucido tears at your heart strings with “Working Mom.” It’ll touch anyone who’s ever had a hard working mother. You see her struggles and have all the respect in the world for her. If you want to say thanks, send her this song accompanied by some flowers. You can hear that piano bar atmosphere in “Sister Jane” as it’s a story told with melodies that are strung along perfectly. If you’re a fan of Billy Joel, check out Bob Lucido. (