Margaret Cornils Luke and Her Trusty Flute

Margaret Cornils Luke and Her Trusty FluteMargaret Cornils Luke took a chance on the flute and it paid off. She’s managed to make that instrument her way of speaking it tells everything she’s feeling, even if she’s performing already praised works – she makes the emotion of each piece her own. The flute is one of the most elegant sounding instruments you can play. While the piano and violin scream fancy, the flute has playfulness to it. If you too like the sounds the flute can make, then you’re going to love Margaret Cornils Luke. Whether it’s like a spring day, everything anew with “Doppler Hungarian!’ or a holiday/winter atmosphere created out of thin air with “A Little Bit of Doppler,” it’s all beautiful and only gets more interesting with every breath. On Margaret Cornils Luke’s YouTube you can see her at work, mastering her craft in videos including this one where she’s practicng “Poulenc Flute Sonata Rehearsal 2nd mvt.” If you’ve always fancied the ways of the flute check out Margaret Cornils Luke and her silver music wand. (