GregoryD and Company and The Gospel Word

GregoryD and Company and The Gospel WordGregoryD is a man who puts his worship in his music and with that in hand and his ministry as well, he’s got a group together in Lansing, Michigan that are called GregoryD and Company. Together they create music that’s touching and pleasing to the ears. “He’s Good” is a beautiful contemporary Christian song that has well polished vocals to match the lyrics that touch on so many levels. There’s a song with no title, but even though it lacks there it makes up for it in the wonderfully crafted piano that’s all without and only lifts the lyrics and places them closer to the heart of listeners everywhere. So far things have been very calm with the music from GregoryD and Company, but then “I Surrender” comes in and though it’s not this wild party, it’s a little more upbeat, but not to the point that it loses the heart of the song. GregoryD and Company have very strong vocals that can only be seen as a gift from the Lord they have so much love for; so much so they put their love to song and carry it on to audiences to enjoy. If you’re a fan of music that’s good for the soul, check out GregoryD and Company. (