Kostas Petropoulos The Musical Chameleon

Kostas Petropoulos The Musical Chameleon Kostas Petropoulos is a musical chameleon who ranges in style throughout his realm. “Blue Eyes” sounds like the start of an action movie. The intro music is packed full of the energy that you’d see as a car flies down the highway. The lead actor thinking about what he’s done and what he’s heading towards. As the lyrics set in the rap element don’t take you out of the movie scene created earlier, it only adds to it as the female vocals are an addition that makes it a well-rounded track. As winter sets in and begins to contribute to a lot of tweets about it being horrible, like it’s a shock that it gets cold in December, you can ignore all that with Petropoulos’ “Cold December.” Instead of going outside and being miserable, take in this song that’ll heat things up with its mesmerizing musical elements. Stepping away from the seasonal for a second, “Your Love Is All I Want” didn’t sound like the traditional love song. It had an industrial vibe to it and was on the creepy side, unless you’re into that — if so, then it was totally romantic. Musically Kostas Petropoulos is all over the place. The base seems to be rock but after that it’s up in the air. Variety is key and he doesn’t get stuck in one place. He can be rock one minute and then rapping the next. If you like artists, who can give you a little bit of everything, check out Kostas Petropoulos. (https://www.reverbnation.com/kostaspetropoulos)