Steve Daley Band Wishes Big

Steve Daley Band knows what they do best and do it. Relying on clean vocals and crafted instrumentation, Steve Daley Band scores big. “Ain’t Misbehavin'” has that refined sound to it. One note and you’re transported to an elegant dinner party where the attendees are dressed like those found between the pages of “The Great Gatsby.” The notes trinkle in and cause nothing but smiles on listeners. “Crazy” is a slower one than the previous, but the vocals are still strong and carry the song the whole way through with the help of the fine instrumentation. You could hear this in the lounge of a five star hotel during the holidays. Taking on a classic, Steve Daley Band, cover “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Made famous when it was written for Disney’s hit “Pinocchio,” the Steve Daley Band stay true to the original without changing too much. When you’re dealing with Disney, you only have to be able to step up to the plate and deliver, not add extra things here and there. If you’re into music that could be found on the stage of a nice lounge, check out Steve Daley Band. (