Meekaaeel Muhammad and His Soulful Funk

Meekaaeel Muhammad and His Soulful FunkMeekaaeel Muhammad is a singer/songwriter who puts out music that touches on basic human events, is soulful and a little funky. “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to a Friend” is a song that everyone can relate to, either today or tomorrow. Death is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t mean it ever gets easier to deal with. At least Meekaaeel Muhammad has put that sentiment to song. His voice carries the ways of 70’s soul with it as he gives you another universal idea with “Everybody Smiles.” This one’s a lighter song but the music remains soft as it flows like a timid river through the speakers to listeners. Meekaaeel Muhammad offers up some advice with “Don’t Play The Fool.” This one has some light funk influence you can hear if you listen closely to the beat. That funk slowly turns into a Lionel Richie like song with “Inconvenient Truth.” It’s like Meekaaeel Muhammad is going to bust out into a tropical breakdown at any second — he never does. If you’re into soul music that’s light, check out Meekaaeel Muhammad. (