Royal Chanta and His Reggae Realm

There are a lot of weird things coming out of Florida, but Royal Chanta isn’t one of them. He’s just a great reggae artist you need to get to know. If you didn’t know what kind of artist Royal Chanta was, one second of “Bun The Chalice” would make that very clear. The reggae is strong with this one and follows the tradition of the tropical music but makes it a bit more modern. Things get even more modern when “Sing and Shout.” It’s like an island club song with a big slice of aggression tossed on top. The music comes back with “Life Goes On” and if you’re a fan of reggae music that’d be found on a crossover station, then this would be the best one in the bunch to take on. Royal Chanta gets serious with “Searching” and covers social issues in a very genuine way. If you’re a fan go reggae, check out Orlando’s Royal Chanta. (