New Heart Productions Produces Faith

New Heart Productions Produces FaithNew Heart Productions produces gospel music and takes it seriously, as expected. “All Glory (Culture Mix)” made me think there’d be words eventually, but it was just a dance beat that evolved over the course of a few minutes. Each turn in the music seemed to represent a new form of life in the track. Then you had another version of “All Glory,” this time the Harpsi Mix. It was less dance but still had that electronic feel to it throughout. “Humble” stood out not only because it had a different title, but because it was a slower song and had lyrics. While you may’ve not have gotten the religious feel in either version of “All Glory,” you heard it loud and clear in this one. The vocals are that of someone who’s spent years in the church and knows how to carry a note while still praising the Lord. New Heart Productions produces gospel music and does a fine job doing so. The songs sound well done each time through. If you’re gospel fan looking for new music, or an artist looking for producers, check out New Heart Productions. (