Electrifying and Inspirational Modern Rock Music: Dark Water Collective Releases an Exhilarating New Album

‘Waiting for Apophis’ Is a Concept Album that Encapsulates a Myriad of Emotions in an Innovative and Creative Way. 

Parker, CO — March 14th, 2022- Dark Water Collective has released a much-awaited modern rock album titled ‘Waiting for Apophis’ that follows the tumultuous journey of a protagonist as he navigates through life. This is a concept album which explores the journey of the main character through a creative display of emotions. Through these tunes we hear the main character feel stuck in a rut, become inspired and driven, set goals, experience setbacks, and ultimately finds a deeper connection with his fellow men.

The eclectic artists capture the full depth of these ups and downs beautifully, and hope that listeners find inspiration in this music. Dark Water Collective’s work stands in contrast to other compositions because of its lyrical genius as well as conceptual depth. The title track “Waiting for Apophis” is inspired by news of the near-Earth pass of the Apophis asteroid which is supposed to occur in the not-so-distant future.

The new release is specifically titled after the asteroid since the tracks focus on the unpredictability of life as well as the different challenges in life that make one who they are. In this way it functions to show us both the futility of the human endeavor as well as admiralty of human agency in simply fighting against all odds with patience.

The track provides strength to those who need it most.  Apart from the already existing tracks which include “Pillars of Creation”, “Insomnia”, and “From the Ashes” among others, the talented musical collective is also set to release an EP later in the year.

Stream the band’s music on their official music website https://darkwatercollective.hearnow.com/ as well as on YouTube and Spotify. Follow the band on their official social media page on Facebook for updates on newer music. For interview, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out to [email protected]. You can stream this music on any of the major music platforms and can purchase it as well!




Atticus Ellena, of Dark Water Collective, is a Colorado based singer and songwriter who has released this modern rock concept album in hopes of helping listeners find some inspirations in their personal lives. The rising star has been making music most of his life, but ‘Waiting for Apophis’ is the first release in quite some time. The work stands as a well-thought out, novel consortium of musical tracks that truly deals with the intricacies of actual life experiences.

Atticus Ellena is the lead guitarist and vocalist for this project and wrote and recorded this album. The artist was complemented by Rich Carlson who played drums and Charles Thornton who provided artwork on the new release. The new musical piece was recorded at Colorado Sound Studios where Steve Avedis provided his talents as a recording and mix engineer. John Espinosa – guitar and Mike Gurule – bass have provided their talents in support of the album as well. The tracks are not only musical masterpieces in and of themselves but also stand as distinct rock music because they are a labor of love done by a collection of these individual talented artists.


Dark Water Collective
Name: Atticus Ellena
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkWaterCollectiveMusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPERDb6aO5UpkZAqEZPvTrQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4tNXFxS2nQJwAj7R7aRXfd


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