Strengthening Life’s Links and the Connections of Fate: Rock Rick Lee Vinson Group Unveils Timely New Single

A rising Country and Rock act, the Rick Lee Vinson Group excites and inspires listeners with their heartfelt and profound new single- “Here Comes the Rock ele”

Las Vegas, NV — March 17th , 2022 – Few budding acts within the music world exude a momentous and impactful outlook. One such collective, the Rick Lee Vinson Group manifests itself as an ‘easy listening’ Country and Rock group, which is making all the noise.

Rising through ranks, the eclectic band highlights an enriching and immersive listening experience, rife with motifs and metaphorical interpretations. Underpinned by a meaningful and riveting flow, the Rick Lee Vinson Group’s newest release, “Here Comes the Rock ele” is bound to become a hit amidst fans of the genre.

Rooted within dynamic rhythms, pensive lyricism, and soulful song writing, the group’s new release presents a seamless blend of Country and Rock. “Here Comes the Rock ele” takes listeners on a profound voyage across the musical realm, illuminating a timely message for listeners to internalize.

The stirring new single consists of lyrics and music by Rick Lee Vinson, who also oversees musical production. “Here Comes the Rock ele” was unveiled for listeners mid-March, and is streaming on the artist’s official music platforms on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube, Spotify, and others. A fitting and compelling narrative, the new single describes everyone’s current situation in life, and the redemptive and corrective power of the universe.

“The song is a historical reference to our possible fate, and a redemption if we can come together as a people,” comments Rick Lee Vinson on the new single.

With sincere hopes that listeners enjoy and revel in their musical world view, the Rick Lee Vinson Group intends to add rich and unique new compositions to their roster, on a regular basis.

Stream Rick Lee Vinson’s new single, “Here Comes the Rock ele” on the artist’s official music platforms. Follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




An eclectic imprint in the music world, the Rick Lee Vinson Group is an easy listening country rock group which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The group’s dynamic force- Rick Lee Vinson has been making music for decades. Starting in elementary school and on, he has been writing recording and playing in a number of different bands. After touring with the Rockabilly Rebels in the late 70’s, Rick began his solo writing and recording, honing his own skill sets.

The artist’s recordings from the 80’s are with Bob Seger keyboardist Danny Watson who plays synth and vocals on some of Rick Lee’s early recordings. Currently Rick Lee has been writing, producing and playing on most of the songs that can be heard at Rick has toured with Tom Petty, The Clash, Black Oak Arkansas and many others. Having release a new single, “Here Comes the Rock ele”, Rick hopes to continue writing and recording as many stirring singles as he can.


Rick Lee Vinson
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