DC Area R&B Band Hits High Note

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C   –  The Love Station releases their eighth album “Destiny”. The group takes their music to another level by adding a new band known as LSB or (Love Station Band.) While fans of The Love Station are accustomed to a more “laid back” sound, this new release adds another aspect of the group. The group is comprised of five musicians from the D.C. Metropolitan area whose credits far exceed the time to mention here: with all new songs written by original member Sam Taybron.

Destiny is dedicated to the loving memory of Destanee Keenae Lyles, the granddaughter of LSB Bassist Bruce Tyler who passed at the tender age of eighteen. The album Destiny was also written, produced, and recorded during the global pandemic. Music is always food for the soul and The Love Station gives the listener plenty to digest with this latest release. With only eight songs, The Love Station fans are calling this album “The Best Yet.”

The very danceable “Nobody to Love” is guaranteed to have you patting your feet, while the track “Nothing Going On” is a throwback to the days of dancing slow and holding close. There is even a bit of hope and inspiration with the timely “Keep Moving.”

Need some feel good? Destiny by The Love Station should be on your list. Destiny is available May 3, 2021 on all digital platforms. And always tune into The Love Station when you’re in the mood for Love.

Listen to the album now:

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We started in 1975 at Shaw University. We wanted to create music, tell stories; Love Stories that is. We moved to D.C. in the eighties but things don’t always work the way we want. The only original member with the group is me, but the music is still alive. Soulful and always stories of Love. As we always said “Tune in to The Love Station when you’re in the mood for love.



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