Katija Honors the Singer’s Emotional Boundaries on New Indie-Pop Single

Auckland City, Auckland, New Zealand — Underground Pop music has had a strong pulse in New Zealand for decades. Trails marked by the infamous Lorde, Kimbra, and bands such as The Naked and Famous, have all shown an illuminated path for power vocalist, Katija to blaze. As she carries herself on her own unique artist journey, her new release, Won’t Waste My Time, is here to help unite and uplift those who have been heartbroken.

The funked-out, bass-driven track is complementary to Katija’s powerfully layered vocals, storyline, and unifying chorus/post-chorus. It’s a song you can’t help but catch yourself singing along to after the first listening.

Mid-pandemic, Katija found herself like many, isolated, but with an abundance of new ideas. Rather than stew in silence and stay miserable, she wrote her own songs with the intent to lock in her signature sound, and develop her forthcoming EP from a place of authenticity. Won’t Waste My Time came out of this personal renaissance.

“I wrote this during a time in my life when I started to really respect myself and get to know my own worth. Through writing this song, I really started to regain my own strength and power, and wanted to share this experience with others to help them through similar situations,” she says.

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Katija is a new pop musician from Auckland, New Zealand who is set to release her first solo EP in 2023.

The vision for her music is for all people to be able to get up and dance no matter what life throws at them.

She previously has been a blues singer, gigging regularly around Auckland, and brings her blues style of vocals to the pop genre. She also was the organizer of the “Proud Mary” queer dance parties that celebrated female artists and DJs, the ethos of celebrating musicians and artists from all walks of life is dear to her heart.

Her sound is heavily influenced by powerhouse female vocals such as Chaka Khan, Anastasia, CeCe Peniston, Pat Benetar, with beats that get you up on the dancefloor. A mix of soulful vocals, electronic beats and fun.



Name: Katija
Address: 8 Maungawhau Road, Epsom, Auckland City, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64273116423


Facebook: https://facebook.com/katijamusic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/katijav
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0xXJclEIjVsgwRIZpE3sbl?si=OrIhKloJRnaJbT0VH14VEw
SoundCloud: https://https://soundcloud.com/katijav


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