Newly Released Album, “Seven Eleven” by OneSelf Featuring Mario Deschenes

Forestville, Quebec, Canada — Reinventing Pop and Rock, Mario Deschenes– better known by his artistic identity OneSelf featuring Mario Deschenes– is bringing a distinct creative appeal to audiences. He plans to continue writing, producing, and singing music videos for years ahead of him.


Depicting honest, diverse, and compelling stories, singer-songwriter Mario Deschenes began writing songs when he was just 14 and has never stopped since then. The gifted artist already has seven albums to his name and continues to prove his mettle with new and original tracks. Having been part of a budding Canadian Rock band, Oneself featuring Mario Deschenes brings with his music extensive experience in writing English and French songs.

With his recent release- a self-produced and independently created 7th album titled ‘Seven Eleven,’ the dynamic artist brings a refreshing new outlook. Representing himself through his craft, the multidisciplinary creator showcases a unique and alluring record made in his process and journey of self-discovery.

‘Seven Eleven’ features 12 songs, alongside music videos that represent the artist’s vision about his life, relationships, and the plethora of thoughts that keep him preoccupied. An intriguing record, ‘Seven Eleven’ is a gift from the artist for himself and for fans of his music.

Inspired by the innovative spirit and everlasting impact of The Beatles, the talented artist continues to create original and attention-grabbing tracks. Mario reminisces how the very first time he heard The Beatles; he knew they were an iconic force that had no rivals and has been a fan of their music ever since.

Building his enriching brand, Mario Deschenes has created more than 40 music videos. In his early days of learning how to record his music and songs, he began with a 4- track recorder, an 8-track cassette recorder, a Digi 001, and, most recently Pro Tools. With his enthralling musical compositions, the artist has reached over 225, 982+ listeners and viewers. Similarly, his album ‘Atypical So (A) Typical’ was distributed by Avid and amassed over 12 000 streams on ten different music sites.

Independently writing his own songs in English and French, OneSelf featuring Mario Deschenes also plays the guitar in his own recognizable style. The talented artist stands out with his distinguishing soundscapes, which elevate his powerful vocals alongside a multitude of heartening rhythms. With a plan to introduce listeners to his elaborate music world, Mario hopes that his new album, ‘Seven Eleven,’ will resonate with listeners, and they will enjoy the many exciting and divergent styles it reflects.




Creation Musicale


Production Musicale

Mario Deschênes is an

Artist – Author – Writer, Singer, Producer, he invents, executes, and produces an original musical universe with his lyrics, music, songs, and videos.

Artist – Painter, he builds his own visual world with several mediums and technical ways.

Artist – Photograph, he explores the light, the material, and the textures.

These descriptions of Mario Deschenes mean, he is a multi-disciplinary creator, for more than 40 years.

To understand, his creative processing and his artistic production, we must note, without any doubts,

He really is a multi-disciplinary creator.



OneSelf Featuring Mario Deschenes
Name: Mario Deschenes
Address: 32 Robin street, Forestville, Quebec, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 418 989 9129



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