Bowen Moreau Offers Up Authentic Alternative Music

New Music Helps People Feel Stronger

Grand Junction, Colorado – August 21, 2020 – Bowen Moreau is rocking the mountains of Colorado with this latest music releases. “Turn Back Time” features five amazing alternative tracks for listeners.

“Turn Back Time” has a song for every emotion. The tracks are musical journey about real life and all the feelings that come from it. The edgy music is overlaid with Bowen’s meaningful lyrics, creating a unique and authentic sound. The strength of Bowen’s music is sure to reach listeners around the globe.

Bowen Moreau has always used music to process what he was feeling. Music was his way of understanding the world. Songwriting is the best therapy, according to Bowen. Other than creating a new alternative sound, Bowne hopes his music will inspire others to follow their dreams and uplift those in need of light.

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