Brent Daniels – Every Road has a Turn

Brent Daniels – Every Road has a Turn


Brent Daniels is middle age cool behind a pair of black shades and guitar singing about the size of his, um, “truck.” Yeah, not so discreet but still fun and, well, funny even if not intended to be. Discovered by Robin Robyns, a founding member of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Daniels fits the Nashville fold. He is comfortable in the bunch whose sounds does not do much to separate himself from the next guy. But, that is simply nit-picking on my end. The dude knows his audience and he fits the genre like a glove.

Full of innuendo, Daniels’ “My Truck is Bigger Than Your Truck” compares the size of certain things but in country form. He even pulls off a wicked Charlie Sheen reference and says his truck runs on tiger blood. Basically, his vehicle is better and more mystical than yours. While we don’t care much for finding out if that is true, it’s so much fun to hear a man his age throw out such references (kind of like when The Donald did so). More so, what places the cherry perfectly on top is when he mentions girls wondering about his leather seats. Is it true? Who cares? It is Country at its finest, line by line adding more to the story and innuendo. Frankly, it may even come across as a self-deprecating joke. If so, at least Daniels has a jolly good time making fun of himself. The least hidden of messages is when he sings about those girls always wanting to “ride” with him, and about how he takes two lanes on the interstate. Maybe some of us men wished we had the same confidence as Brent Daniels, “riding around town on 66 inches.” As he argues, it ain’t bragging if it is accurate.

“My First Friday Night” takes the party down a notch to offer a swooning ballad with a reflective manner and realizing the small things in life on a Friday night. He drives around town as time passes quickly up through midnight, and Daniels experiences the first Friday without his girl. Ouch. He meanders doing nothing specific on this evening, watching others, but does so with a preoccupied mind. What I love about this track is when the chorus hits about missing his girl, all the lyrics before that begin to make more sense. As he drives around nothing in town is familiar to him and he cannot seem to walk through the doors. Nothing feels the same without his love. Daniels’ vocals are more convicted here talking about pain than when comparing the size of his truck. I feel this is the perfect landscape for Daniels.

Brent Daniels is a country artist’s artist, the type who fellow singers can listen to when in need of an emotional pick up or even to reflect on something more hurtful. Maybe his truck has a good amount of miles left whether the ride is smooth or not, and I certainly anticipate what is next for the country boy.


by Erman Baradi