Bringing Audiences the Good Trouble with Vibrant Hues of Disco, R&B, Pop – David Crawford Drops New Single “Enjoy Myself”

David Crawford is a maestro when it comes to Dance, Disco, R&B, and Pop, and with his newest drop, he takes listeners by storm once again

North LAS VEGAS, NV — DNC Music Publisher Worldwide’s shining star, David Crawford, has got a string of talents to offer audiences. With his exciting and immersive musical compositions that span the genres of Dance, R&B, and Pop, David displays a radiant blend of rhythms and songwriting.

Already making the rounds with his newly released record, ‘Enjoy Myself,’ the talented artist depicts a hybrid of R&B and Dance-Pop. With his magnetizing Dance tracks, the artist gets any listener moving along to the beat of exciting, upbeat rhythms and presents Disco tunes that exude a distinctively retro vibe.

‘Enjoy Myself’ features composer David Crawford alongside Jerome Evans and Sintoria. Meanwhile, production and arrangement are solely led by David Crawford, and Nolan Shaheed and Jim Shifflett cover sound engineering. The brilliant new track also features female vocalist Quran Shaheed and Rap singer-songwriter Sintoria and showcases mixing and mastering by Jim Shifflett.

Set to release for listeners on October 10th, 2022, David Crawford’s brilliant new record will have listeners embracing all their celebratory vibes and entice them to get into clubbing, dancing, and partying to its addicting tunes.

Having a colorful discography which includes serving as a producer for the likes of “Vesta (A&M Records)” and “Chuck Cissel (Arista Records)”. Beginning his professional career in the capacity of an orchestrator and arranger for a vibrant array of artists and singers, including Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, The Whispers, Bobby Womack, and others, David Crawford has continued to evolve and flourish.

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David Crawford is a gifted and skilled artist, composer, and producer who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, the artist had a strong inclination towards the arts and was enthused by creating his unique musical compositions. After completing his undergraduate degree, David attended the prestigious California Institute of the Arts and received a Masters’s Degree in Music. He notes how his experiences while pursuing a degree in music greatly enriched his musical skills and abilities.

A member of the International Church of Christ, David Crawford composed and arranged several songs for the congregation. In the form of his spellbinding Soul and Gospel music, David has integrated his faith and music experience to craft songs of worship that are relatable and memorable. His heartfelt tracks have continued to touch the hearts and minds of fans all around the world. With his newest single, ‘Enjoy Myself,’ David hopes to embrace his individuality and continue his unique journey with music.


DNC Music Publisher Worldwide: David Crawford Project
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