Bringing Back The 60s & 70s With A Bang

Talented musician Frederick Wilfert is ready to astound listeners with a creative fusion of the 60s/70s and contemporary music styles

W SPRINGFIELD, VA — An emerging singer and songwriter, Frederick Wilfert, is passionate about all types of music, something that is reflective in his compositions. This artist has a lot to say and plenty of creative ideas to implement through his music career, which he launched with his first CD, 720. Appropriately named for its release date of July 2020, the singer expresses his imagination through unique touches such as these.

Wilfert’s first release consisted of twelve original songs, where he worked alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. The team included Jim Ebert, who produced the songs, Blaine Misner, who engineered them, and Cue Recording Studios in Fall Church, Virginia, who recorded them. Wilfert expresses his gratitude and good fortune to talented musicians like Andy Hamburger, Buddy Speir, Eric Scott, and Jim Ebert, who agreed to play on his songs.

The singer’s music career may have just started, but the trajectory it is taking right now, and the responses he is receiving have been very promising. Wilfert expresses his pleasure at the warm and positive responses from his listeners over his music. The response is not at all unexpected, considering the soothing quality of the musician’s vocals. Wilfert released his latest single about a month ago, titled “Those Roads Will Meet Again”. This track, like his others, is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s but not outdated because they incorporate contemporary music updates. The singer’s music content is quite understandable and clear, making it easy to follow and enjoy from listeners of all backgrounds. In fact, this was a deliberate attempt on Wilfert’s part because he believes that words and melody should be out-front and easy to understand. Music should only be the accompaniment and not the main focus.

The up-and-coming artist’s plans are simple. He only wishes to impact as many people as possible and make a positive difference in their lives through his words. In line with these plans, Wilfert intends to continue songwriting and share the product with the world.

Frederick Wilfert can be reached out on his Facebook and YouTube pages. He loves hearing back from his listeners and appreciates feedback on his songs in the comment sections. For the artist, all comments, positive or negative, are welcome. He encourages listeners to contact him because he is always interested in what they have to say.




Frederick Wilfert is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He moves to Springfield, Virginia, where he still resides. Wilfert has been writing songs since his teenage, as music has always been his passion. His musical influences include The Beatles and other music of the 60s and 70s.


Frederick Wilfert
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