Bringing Something New to the World of Pop: This is Bhoicandy

Nigeria’s fast-growing artist Bhoicandy is bringing something fresh to the music world with the help of his Pop compositions and catchy tunes

Osogbo, Osun, Nigeria – July 8th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Bhoicandy is a singer and songwriter with incredible excellence in music, especially in the world of Pop. With the release of his brand new single titled “Medicine”, the artist is looking forward to getting his sound out there in the world for music lovers to appreciate and admire.

The single is a kind of tune people can chill along with, while it plays in the background. If someone likes to listen to music while performing different chores around the house, they will surely like the song. Heavily dominated by catchy beats and enlivening melodies, the song is the perfect depiction of a Pop song. It incorporates all necessary elements needed to make the tune a hot jam, something that can reach the bar set by the modern generation for major hits. As an afro dance music singer and songwriter, Bhoicandy has earned major acclaim for his fun and motivational music. He is among the fastest-growing artists from Nigeria, owing to his unique music style. In his hot single “Medicine”, Bhoicandy allows his listeners to get lost in the melody and songwriting. With splendid lyrics and a variety of instruments arranged in a rhythmic pattern, the brand new single will make you want to move, to say the least. It tends to light up rooms it gets played in, completely turning around people’s moods into lively, excited ones.

Bhoicandy’s “Medicine” is a song that lets people feel a wide range of emotions. All these happy and uplifting emotions come not only from the lyrics but also from the melody, compositions, instruments, and performances. The song, along with the rest of Bhoicandy’s music, is crafted in a way that it is bound to spread a wave of positivity and joy amongst people. Cheerfulness and excitement are two prominent emotions you’re sure to feel while listening to Bhoicandy’s groovy afro dance music. He is an extremely unique artist, amazing at his craft while being equally creative. His unique sense of harmony and rhythm makes his music stand out amongst others’ music. Along with that artistic individuality shining through the music style, the great play of words is the cherry on top. Listening to the brand new single “Medicine” is surely going to turn around the vibes and mindsets of the listeners into positive ones, making it an anthem of optimism and hope.

The emerging artist is looking forward to continuing with his passion, making more music and evolving as a Pop artist. He wishes to be a great source of influence for others by inspiring them along his journey to success.

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Olamilekan Oluwakorede, professionally known as Bhoicandy, is a Pop singer and songwriter from Nigeria. Born in 2001, he is an afro dance musician, currently amongst the fastest growing artists in Nigeria. Bhoicandy grew up loving music, which was obvious owing to his family’s musical inclination. His affinity towards music only grew as he grew up and attended school.

He used to frequently participate in street events and shows in Osogbo Osun while he was in primary and secondary school. He developed his music style into a dance music style incorporating several instruments and rhythmic melodies. He slowly gained acclaim for his music composition and quickly rose to fame with his steaming single Medicine.



Name: Bhoicandy
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Phone no: (090) 332-01476
Full Business Address: 3, Olosun street, Awosuru
Osogbo, Osun 230284



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