Brooke Moriber – Up All Night

Brooke Moriber – Up All Night 


Brooke Moriber’s musical endeavors have been on a steady climb over the last few years, increasingly more and more successful, and her newest track “Up All Night” promises to accelerate that rise. She’s already drawn considerable attention for previous singles, but her Broadway, television, and film appearances in often prominent roles adds another angle to her story not shared by many of her contemporaries. She is, in the truest sense of the world, an all-around talent. The latest single has an emphatic, deeply passionate vocal edge perfectly complementing the relentless electronic dance music backing. EDM sometimes gets knocked as not being a particularly substantive musical form, but Moriber’s approach proves that’s a lie in subtle ways while never failing to be very entertaining. “Up All Night” never overstays its welcome and will certainly inspire people to get up, start moving, and dance. It has an equally large capacity for emotion, however, and no one should neglect it.  

Her experiences as an actress play a big part in the song’s success. Whether or not “Up All Night” is literally autobiographical doesn’t matter, Moriber is still quite able to get under the skin of the song and vocally embody its multitude of emotions. There’s a curious tension struck by the exuberant backing track and the lyrical content, but Moriber’s performance seems to suggest that even if this might be her dark night of the soul, she will survive it and emerge from the experience stronger than ever before. This is remarkably affirmative music that never wallows in self-pity and, instead, connects with the listener in a physical manner while still touching on their emotions. This is all thanks to Moriber’s talents for reflecting inner struggle through her phrasing, tone, and attentiveness to the music surrounding her. 

The backing track is well put together. There’s a deliberately dramatic quality in the way the performance is set up to take advantage of pinnacles and lulls in the music; the breakdown near the end, before a final chorus reprise, is particularly effective. The song, as a whole, hinges on its enormous bass, but the plethora of synthesizer and electronica sounds lain over top still give the music plenty of room to breathe and don’t concern themselves with filling every second of the track with sound. This sort of discernment, once again, is rare in modern pop music, but it’s clear that Moriber is a rare talent in a multitude of ways. This is the sort of thing you rightly expected from a Greenwich Village native who has seven Broadway shows, including originating the role of Iola Strover in the musical Parade, and numerous songs in her discography. Brooke Moriber’s “Up All Night” never disappoints at any point and it’s a great way for Moriber to kick off what’s sure to be a banner year for her career. The truly remarkable thing is that, in essence, she’s just getting started – but, fortunately for us, we get to go along for the ride.  


Joshua Stryde