Captivating Listeners with Stirring and Relatable Pop Music: Rising Singer and Song writer Cowboy is Set to Become the Sound of the Genre with New Single

Motivated to soar, as he inspires listeners with his rich and magnetic musical compositions, budding artist Cowboy hopes to break into the musical world, with a soulful new Pop single, titled “Out of Mind”.

Newport Beach, California – July 2nd, 2021 – Driven to grow into a powerhouse in the world of Pop music, eclectic singer and song writer, Cowboy hopes to capture the spirit of the genre, with each new release.

Having already released a string of moving singles, that focus on the relatable and strong themes of love and adoration, Cowboy intends to spur listeners to follow their hearts, minds, and souls. With his new single titled “Out of Mind”, which is slated to release on July 4th, 2021, the artist is looking forward to establishing himself in the music world, while also exploring a unique mix of Pop music, interspersed with touching and soulful lyricism and song writing that is memorable.

Having amassed a devoted fan following on all his official music platforms, including a staggering 2287 followers on SoundCloud, Cowboy hopes to immerse listeners in a whole different dimension, featuring Old School style and New Age style Pop mixes.

With electric singles already blessing his stellar discography, including his 2020 releases, “How to Grow Love”, “Falling in Love”, and “Love Arrows”, the seasoned artist hopes to enthrall once again with his new release. The new single forms the first chapter release from his planned musical compositions, which he hopes to drop as the USA and the whole world opens up gradually.

“I had a great love for music since my childhood. Whenever I was in any situation, there were always some kind of music lyrics brewing in my mind, but I never put them on a piece of paper,” says Cowboy regarding his music journey.

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Up-and-coming Pop singer and song writer, Cowboy is set to become the voice of the genre of today and tomorrow. Being inspired by his Advisors Elbs, the rising artist decided to take pen and paper and began penning down his thoughts, which later morphed into proper full-length singles. This active effort helped highlight a burning talent within the singer, who has currently released more than 3 album worth of songs, with more than 50 original singles currently being finalized in pipeline.

Looking forward to becoming a critical contribution to the industry, with seasoned lyricism, catchy beats and concepts, and electric music, Cowboy hopes to continue his growth and journey to success.


Name: Cowboy
Email Address: [email protected]