Carey J. Buss & His Guitar

carey-j-buss-reviewCarey J. Buss is a singer/songwriter from Canada who brings his influences of Kaki King and Dan Mangan to life through his multitude of singles and records. “Eating The First Bird Of Spring” is a guitar driven song that really does capture the season it sets out to. You can hear the birth of something new and the scurry to forge after a long winter with little. “Last Pallet” is a guitar driven track that has a more country feel to it, kind of old west showdown in that it has a lot of layers of drama encased in between the strings. Then you have the tracks found on his “Haunted” album. Here is where you can hear the voice behind the guitar with songs like “Staying Warm” and “Not Alone.” If you’re a fan of folk music, you’ll want to make sure to check out Carey J. Buss’ singles and albums now. (