RB Johnson Croons the Hits

RB Johnson is a soul singer who captures his own words, as well as music fan favorites from Florida. “Knock on Wood” grabs you from the start with the big vocals and the comfortable soul. It’s a fun song and sounds like the Soul Train of the ’70s. You can’t have a voice like this guy and not do your own version of “My Girl,” so that’s what he does and he delivers a version that’s as fun to sing along to as the original. Then he goes back to his own thing with “Simple Girl.” It’s a song that’s comparable to a charmer, but you can’t help but listen to classics like “Dock of the Bay.” It’s always nice to hear familiar tracks done anew. If you’re a fan of ’70s soul, you have to check out RB Johnson ASAP. (https://www.jango.com/music/RB+Johnson?l=0)